Welcome to the sunny side of the Alps

Alpska Slovenija


    Alpine Slovenia

    Slovenia is an Alpine country. You can admire Alpine peaks from afar as soon as you land at Slovenia's central airport or while you're walking through the capital city of Ljubljana.



    Alpine Slovenia


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    An Alpine paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

    Picturesque forests, pastures, and meadows at higher elevations turn into rocky peaks. And these come in abundance. There are more than 300 mountains surpassing the 2000 metre mark, and dominating them is the 2864-metre-high Mt Triglav. It has captivated us so much that it is included on the Slovenian flag and coat-of-arms.


    The mighty Alps begin to form in the plateau-like Pohorje Hills in the country’s northeast. From there, the elevations just keep growing. Towards the northwest, mighty Alpine mountain ranges come one after another: the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, the Karavanke Alps, and the Julian Alps.


    The Alps are an ‘it’ destination for hikers and mountaineers, cyclists, skiers, lovers of water activities, fishermen, paragliders, climbers, and other adrenaline junkies. In addition to the unique nature and diverse outdoor activities, the Alps are also popular because of their well-maintained infrastructure, rich cultural heritage, excellent cuisine, and numerous events.


    The vast Alps conceal many areas still undiscovered by tourists, where you can find unspoilt nature, peace, and tranquillity.  If you like vast unexplored areas, hire a local guide and head to the hidden corners of the Slovenian Alps.

    That's how we have it

    Our Alps are beautiful. Experience them with all your senses.

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    The Julian Alps

    The Julian Alps are the epicentre of our outdoor tourism.


    They are Slovenia’s largest, highest, and for many people the most beautiful mountain range. Their numerous stunning peaks and incredible valleys are located in the far northwest of Slovenia and continue into the neighbouring Italy. Their unique appearance is imparted to them by the emerald River Soča, the rivers Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka, and the glacial lakes Bohinj and Bled. Most of the Julian Alps are within Slovenia’s only national park, Triglav National Park, which is dominated by our highest mountain, Mt Triglav.


    The Kamnik and Savinja Alps

    You can find this range in northern Slovenia, on the border with the neighbouring Austria. The peaks are bare and rocky, while lower elevations are covered in forests. This range is dominated by the 2558-metre-high Mt Grintovec and the majestic River Savinja. The water flowing from the source of the River Savinja immediately falls down a precipice, thus forming the Rinka Waterfall, located in one of Slovenia’s most beautiful Alpine valleys, the Logar Valley.


    You’ll also be left breathless by the Velika Planina plateau. When snow-capped in winter, it invites ski touring and conventional skiing enthusiasts, while in summer visitors can grab their backpacks and go hiking through its pastures. Replenish your energy levels by enjoying some sour milk or ‘skuta’ curd cheese produced there.


    The Karavanke Alps

    The Karavanke Alps are shared with the neighbouring Austria and Italy. The national border between Slovenia and Austria runs across the ridge of the range’s tallest peak, the 2236-metre-high Mt Stol.


    The imposing Košuta mountain range is 10 km long and includes no fewer than six peaks over 2000 metres. The Karavanke Alps are known for daffodils. These flowers grow in late spring on Mt Golica, in Planina pod Golico, and in Javorniški Rovt. They grow so densely that it seems as if snow has fallen once again.


    Always on the right track

    Use the interactive map to find your perfect outdoor experience. Always in the right place at the right time on the right path. Find the best trails and outdoor activities in your selected location. The map will show you recommended trails with their elevation, estimated time, and instructions. Download GPRX data to your phone and begin your adventure.

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