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    Tržič offers a quick and simple escape into a green environment. Here, you’ll find trails galore, which you can enjoy on foot or by bicycle.




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    Tržič is located at the southern foot of the magnificent Karavanke Alps, at the confluence of the River Tržaška Bistrica and Mošenik Stream. It’s an excellent starting point for exploring the Karavanke Alps. From here, you can go into Austria across the Ljubelj Pass. For centuries, this pass represented a window into western Europe, where the people of Tržič sold their handicraft products. The old town centre is protected as a cultural monument.

    Active experiences at the foot of the Karavanke Alps

    Are you up for an easy trail or for something wilder? Perhaps conquering steep hills, enjoying stunning views, wild downhill rides, or quietly admiring nature?

    Dovžan Gorge

    If you’re planning a visit to Tržič, make sure not to miss the nearby Dovžan Gorge natural monument. This picturesque valley is located approximately 3 km northeast of Tržič.


    The River Tržiška Bistrica created an incredibly interesting gorge in a geological sense: you can see rocks from the late Palaeozoic Era, which are from 260 to 300 million years old, and many fossils. An educational trail runs through the valley, and those who are skilled in climbing can enjoy a climbing route.


    Active experiences in Tržič and its surrounding area

    The hills and rock faces in the Tržič surrounding area invite you. The Slovenian Mountain Trail and the Karavanke Panoramic Trail also pass this area. You’ll also feel an authentic hiking atmosphere by climbing nearby peaks – Zelenica Col, Mt Košuta, Mt Kriška Gora, Mt Korošica, Ljubelj Pass, and Mt Storžič.


    Near the Na Zelenici Mountain Cabin, there’s a very difficult via ferrata trail – D and E levels of difficulty.


    Cyclists will certainly not be bored in the Tržič area. In the Tržič surrounding area, there’s a long-distance trail through the Karavanke Alps and 30 shorter cycling trails. BMX lovers love visiting the Dirt Park Divjina.


    The steep hills of the Tržič area are also popular with paragliders and hang-gliders who catch updraught wind here. In winter, when the area is covered in snow, you’ll find plenty of ski touring trails. Test your abilities on the Zelenica Col.


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