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Mediterranean and Karst Slovenia

Where two worlds meet – the Alps and the Adriatic

Kraško-mediteranska Slovenija

    Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley

    The sub-Mediterranean climate and favourable soil composition enable the production of world-class wines and fruit and invite visitors to get some physical exercise in all seasons.



    Nova Gorica and the Vipava Valley


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    The famous Lonely Planet travel guide placed the Vipava Valley on the list of the most beautiful places in Europe that are worth visiting and called it a “hidden gem in the heart of Europe”. It was named after the River Vipava. This river comes to the surface at the foot of the steep slopes of the tall Nanos plateau and flows into the River Soča. The plateaus Nanos, Hrušica, and the edge of the Trnovski Gozd plateau rise above the valley towards the west.

    Even further to the west, on the border with Italy, you can find the town of Nova Gorica, which continues across the border into the Italian town of Gorica (It. Gorizia). This is Slovenia’s youngest town, as the cornerstone was only laid in 1948, when Gorica fell into the hands of Italy due to post-war division. This lively town is an excellent starting point for numerous active experiences.


    Active experiences in the Vipava Valley and Nova Gorica

    There are truly plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Cyclists are really excited about the Vipava Valley. Legendary road ascents and descents as well as steep mountain trails are a challenge even for the best of the best, as stages of the famous Giro d’Italia race have run through this area many times before.


    The Vipava Valley is even prettier from above. Paragliders and hand gliders on the horizon are a frequent occurrence. There’s also a sports airport near Vipava.


    Hikers and runners won’t be bored either. The valley, gentle hills, and steep slopes provide hiking trails with various levels of difficulty.


    The River Vipava, the River Hubej, and the River Soča are full of fish, and fishing is permitted with a licence. You can go kayaking down rivers, too. A kayaking centre where many international competitions are held can be found in Solkan near Nova Gorica.


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