Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

Therapeutic waters and beer

Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    Everything’s about water in Laško. It's marked by the River Savinja, therapeutic waters, and a long brewing tradition.




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    Laško, the town of therapeutic waters and brewing tradition, is located on the River Savinja, not far from the centre of Slovenia. It’s surrounded by hills, which offer views of the River Savinja and the old town centre.


    Therapeutic waters rich in various minerals have contributed to the development of the local spa. Right on the River Savinja, you’ll find the Thermana Laško Spa and the nearby Rimske Terme Spa. In both of these spas, you won’t only be able to enjoy therapies and wellness services, but also a pool complex.

    Laško, the land of brewing

    Laško is very popular for walking, hiking, riding, nordic walking and cycling.

    Laško is also known for bee-keeping, herbalism, and beer. Brewing has been present here since 1825 – the famous Laško Zlatorog beer is one of the most popular beers in Slovenia, which has recently also been included in unique wellness and culinary services.


    Explore Laško on foot, by bicycle, or on a horse. Many of the surrounding hills and the River Savinja offer plenty of interesting outdoor challenges.

    Active experiences in Laško and its surrounding area

    Hikers, runners, lovers of Nordic walking and regular walking will certainly find the right trails and paths for themselves. There are hiking, themed, and educational paths with various levels of difficulty. Group hikes are popular. You can also tour the area from the saddle, as horse riding tours are available, too.


    Many panoramic lookouts and surrounding farms can also be reached by bicycle. Take a ride to the River Savinja or to Marof Pond. There, you’ll encounter fishermen from far and from up close. If you decide to cast a hook yourselves, perhaps you’ll catch trout, which is a common dish on local menus.


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