Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

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Termalno-panonska Slovenija


    Head among vineyards, blooming meadows, and orchards by the River Sotla




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    Podčetrtek is the centre of the region along the River Sotla known for spas. The green landscape includes gentle hills covered in forests, vineyards, and orchards. Take a walk among them, see the many orchids, butterflies, and colourful meadow flowers. Taste the Kozjansko apple, which grows in local orchards.


    Take a detour to the nearby village of Olimje. It’s known for a Minorite monastery, where monks still follow the tradition of preparing concoctions from medicinal herbs. The third oldest pharmacy in Europe operates in the monastery. If you prefer satisfying your sweet tooth, visit the chocolate shop, or relax while playing golf.

    An experience in Podčetrtek

    Podčetrtek offers a lot of hiking and cycling trails suitable for seniors, families and active individuals.

    If you’d like to relax by walking in nature, by bicycle or on foot, head to the Kozjansko Park. Archaeological sites, pilgrimage churches, castles, and lush nature will awaken the explorer within.


    Active experiences in Podčetrtek and its surrounding area

    Podčetrtek offers more than 35 km of cycling trails, which are appropriate for advanced cyclists and families. Depart from the Terme Olimia Spa, where you can hire your cycling equipment, and go on a circular cycling trail through a landscape that is rich in natural and cultural heritage.  You can go cycling on a well-maintained trail to Rogaška Slatina, too.


    There’s a whole network of walking and hiking trails in this landscape. If you’d like to get a bit of a workout, depart from Olimje and head to the Church of St Emma or to the 686-metre-high Plešivec Hill.


    In addition to world-class wellness services, spas also have many pools. Families with children will be blown away by the Aqualuna Thermal Park, where numerous water attractions can be found on more than 3000 square metres of water surfaces.


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