Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

Miraculous mineral water and world-class crystal

Termalno-panonska Slovenija

    Rogaška Slatina

    Rogaška Slatina is the source of the unique Donat Mg mineral water



    Rogaška Slatina

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    This little spa town is located in Posotelje, near the border with neighbouring Croatia, at an elevation of 228 metres.


    Glass production has had more than 350 years of tradition here. World-class hand-made cut crystal products are famous for their incredible clarity and shine and are considered to be among the most high-quality crystal products in the world.


    Furthermore, Rogaška Slatina has been a popular European health resort for centuries, specialising in treating and alleviating some chronic and psychosomatic illnesses. This can be done thanks to the miraculous Donat Mg natural mineral water, which is the water with the highest magnesium content in the world. It is used for drinking treatments and baths.


    Today, the health resort offers a wide variety of medical, health, and wellness programmes, and a riviera with indoor and outdoor pools. The centre of Rogaška Slatina is a promenade park, where walking trails take you even further out into nature. The green surroundings are also ideal for exploring on bicycles.

    Active experiences in Rogaška Slatina

    In Rogaška Slatina and its surrounding area, you can go on a hike or take a bicycle ride.


    There’s a popular cycling trail that takes you from Rogaška Slatina past Lake Vonarje to Podčetrtek, where you can get refreshed by going swimming in local pools. You can also go swimming at the Rogaška pool riviera.



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